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throw me in jail, i’m a theif… (apparently)

Sitting in a dimly lit movie theater, devouring my popcorn before the opening credits of the movie, whispering jokes to my brother about the stupid Fandango commercials, and laughing too loud afterward for movie theater etiquette, the next thing to play on the huge screen in front of me is the new commercial funded by the Motion Picture Association (MPA).  “Are they kidding me?” was all that i could think.  Did they really just ask me if i wouldn’t steal a car, then why would i buy a pirated movie?  I’m not sure if these are really analogous.  Are they?? 

I never really considered it before.  Who does the buying and production of pirated movies effect?  Does it only affect “The Man?”  If so, why do we care?  Is pirating movies a way of “sticking it to the man?”  Or is that only rock and roll… Or am i really a THEIF for buying bootlegged copies of movies before they’re released??  I actually haven’t given it much thought before that commercial.  So in one sense, it’s message was translated.  But i’m not sure if i really agree with the propaganda they’re attempting to feed movie goers.   

According to the MPA website, piracy hurts our economy by diminishing needs for jobs in the movie industry, the entertainment industry because “recoup their original investment,” and less creative risks are taken, consumers because “looming threat of piracy can thwart innovation” (whatever that means). 

I’m really undecided about this.  From just preliminary investigation, the MPA hasn’t convinced me that pirating a movie is as punishable as stealing a car.  But i would like to dig a little deeper to see the issue from everyone’s perspective.  


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  1. * David says:

    Whilst all of this pirating is going on record numbers of people are turning up to movies. I personally don’t beleive that the people downloading the movies are going to be the people that attend the movies in the first place. they are the people who are likely to take the $2 Tues deal at the video store.

    I go to the movies becuase I like the experience. If i was geeky enough to download a copy of a movie someone has camcorded becuase I couldn’t wait for it to come out I’m likely to go see it on the big screen anyhow. With films only costing $2 as a new release why would I bother dowloading.

    Instead of isolating the consumers with advertising of this saught the movie companies and the theatres should be investing in making the movie going experience a rewarding one.

    | Reply Posted 11 years, 11 months ago

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