It Just Is

red, green, or yellow.

code poetry? what the hell is code poetry?? from my feeble attempt to scratch the surface of code poetry on the web, i found it very diverse. I only previewed a few websites, and left them in confusion — perplexed.

what is code poetry? i still don't know. but when i got to the website, A is for apple, i couldn't leave. i was still perplexed. but i was also entranced.


i got lost. i got sucked into its vastness. a continuous circulation. "Perpetual Movement." A is for apple. One word DOES NOT MEAN one thing.


Snow White.


Alan Turing.

The Big Apple.

Central Park. The Dakota. John Lennon. Yoko Ono.

Number 9. Ringo.

Apple Computer. (inspired by theBeatles). Dynamic Language. BOB DYLAN.

GOD. Babel. Adam and Eve. Language of Adam and Eve.

Language. Pictograph. ISAAC NEWTON.

Confused? or does it all make sense? According to Gary Kibbins, is full of directionless and unmotivated clues, signaling a mystery that doesn't exist or a question not fully posed. is a collage. a collage "militating against realism." obligates the viewer to participate. Kibbins says they must continually sort and sift through the information, always looking for relevance.

so while i still don't have a definition for code poetry, my time spent IN A is for Apple was a new experience.


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