It Just Is

hypertext included!



When i am reading a blog post, and come across something interesting, if the letters aren't in blue: I get upset. In fact, i almost feel insulted. Was the information not important enough for the author to share with his readers? Were they just being lazy, and didn't want to hit the hyperlink button? Is the author trying to deceive me by not giving me a link to the original source? Now i have to Copy and Paste the URL in the Navigating tab MYSELF. It is just rude. And lazy.

Having said that, i definitely believe that the mutability of blogs are their strength! While it might take the reader away from the page for a while, it encourages readers to follow the same rabbit trail that the author did in posting the information. And from my own experience, i almost always find a way to get back to the page i began on.

The transient nature of hypertext empowers readers and web browsers. No longer do we have to do all of the unpleasant work of "turning over every rock" on the Internet to find what we are looking for. If one web author finds a few links he can post them on his page, and he can link to another page that has found a few other links, and so on. Following link to link can be a really exciting process.

On the downside, sometimes links can be very frustrating. After hours of clicking on link after link, one can become disorientated. One CAN get lost online. But for the most part, i think that hyperlinks function more like a map, and than like a distraction. One does have to maintain a certain discipline when online, so as not to click on too many links in that will take you in the "wrong direction." But who is to say that getting "lost" online isn’t a GOOD thing? It may take time, perhaps time the web browser doesn't have, but following link after link successfully can be educating and entertaining!


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