It Just Is


“What do you make of the metaphoricity and portmanteau-nature of so many of the standard new media terms? Why does new media seem to demand this conceptual framework to make meaning out of it’s ever-reNEWing self? Examples of new media neologisms and portmanteaus follow: blog (‘web+log’), podcast
(‘iPod + broadcast’), internet, web, cyberpunk, download. For more examples, visit the ‘Lexicon of New Media Terms’ link on our class homepage:

maybe that i am completely and utterly confused by this IS THE POINT. but i'm not sure. All i know is that i read through this prompt too many times, and am still making my stupid, what? face. The face with a furrowed brow, eyes squinty looking over lowered glasses, a bitten lip, and a tilted head…

and then things get worse. After clicking on the link (above), the face remains. This is a new language! one who's existence i knew nothing about. okay, some things i have heard of: Adobe,, ATM, browser, DVD,, e-mail, emoticon, Excel, font,, hack, Internet, JPEG, kewl, laptop, link, Microsoft, PC, Photoshop, pixel, Quicktime, security, shareware, smiley, URL, virus…. Actually…. (*lightbulb*) i know more than i thought i would! i must be so totally immersed in the culture of new media that i've absorbed it all with out realizing it. It really is crazy to think about: that we are adding new words, phrases, and slang to our language everyday…that as new media evolves, our vocabulary adapts. I guess this has always been true. I am just stunned, that after my initial bafflement, things have become so clear. Not that i now, magically, know the meaning of all of the lexicons, and lingo on that website: but that i realize what a drastic effect new media HAS on our language and culture. So, i am still saying what? to a lot; but that's okay. i don't need to know it all to acknowledge that it is there.


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