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the magic eight ball says, “blogs are here to stay.”

In order for change to occur, new ideas need to have somewhere to go.  In the past, the world has been influenced by pamphlets and posters, radio and television, music… but now: The blogosphere is a doorway, inviting a paradigm shift in.

The blogoshere gives us a radically new way to disseminate ideas.  And whether or not everyone is reading blogs, everyone is being affected by them.  Those who do read blogs adopt new ideas, and carry these ideas with them, so that others become aware of new issues in politics, trends, religion, and every other topic out there. So anyone who says that they are uninfluenced by blogs, are naive to the potency of this "subculture." This is proved by news programs dedicating stories to blogs, and interviews with bloggers.  

From the World Wide Web's conception, it has been a place, a nesting ground for ideas to be born, and to thrive and grow.  From memes like "all your base are belong to us," to serious political issues like the legalization of marijuana, voices are being heard.  The Blogoshphere is a community that encourages users to formulate their own opinions.  But because there is a lot of "junk" out there, it is up to blog browsers to sift through everything, and grasp what ideas they find worthy of holding on to.  This makes us more aware and more responsible citizens.  

As for the future of the blogosphere, it is obvious that it isn't going anywhere. The new question becomes HOW significant its affect will be on our culture.  Will it replace other forms of media?  Will they become our ONLY way to get information?  This option is very democratic, and very postmodern.  If there is no truth, and if my truth isn't anyone else's, it makes sense that all of the obligation will be mine to interpret reality.  Also, in the blogosphere, everyone can have a voice.  No longer do we have to rely on big news to tell us what they believe is important. 

I think that the blogosphere is really going to benefit culture in the future.  However, i don't believe that it should be the one thing we all become dependant on.  As an extra, i think that its benefits are amazing, and its future is promising. 


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