It Just Is

the end?

Listen, i feel like the blogosphere is meant for people with meaningful things to say.  it's for people with a passion.  Even if they are only passionate about themselves. For intellectual snobs, who are more than happy to showcase their wit, cleverness, and well written sentences.  Or for people who sincerely believe that their words can make a difference in the world, that what they post needs to be heard, that change needs to happen.  

 But am i any of those people?  What can i say that will make a change? i am not clever.  nor do i feel like i need an online audience to share my passions with me.  Though… i do feel like every once in a while i write a pretty damn good sentence.  

And you?  why are you reading my blog?  who are you?   unless your my professor, i guess i am just surprised that you've made it past the first sentence.  and why did you link to my blog, anyway?  I know you didn't type the URL into the address bar, because honestly, i don't even know the URL.  I guess i am just curious…who is this blog for? is it for me?  is it for others? Because though i know that anyone has access to it, i have a suspicion that an overwhelming three people have ever even looked at It Just Is. I feel like my voice is drowned by the millions of other bloggers screaming in their tantrums, "READ ME!!!" So what's the point?  if i am just writing for me, i can do that in a journal.  but if i'm writing for "you," why would i do that when i don't even know who "you" are?? 

I still just don't know.  what direction could i take this blog? by the way, do blogs have to have a gimmick? a theme? a motto? is it bad blogging adequate to maintain a blog about nothing and everything?  

i am just not sure.  For example, after reading some of my fellow class mates last blogs, i was impressed that they had something meaningful to say! (that sounds bad, i know). as the last required blog posting, i was expecting it to be filled with fluff, and nonsense.  But i was proved wrong.  sadly, the first thought through my head was, "great…now i have to try to write something that doesn't suck."  but i'm not sure if that is something i am even capable of.  

so what's this blog's future?  i guess i 'm still figuring that out…


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  1. * amateurish says:

    I wonder the same thing about my blog here. I completely agree with your analysis of MySpace. Most myspace bloggers write with others in mind – they write to an audience. In fact, they often try to draw an audience. I’ve noticed a difference in blogs like wordpress where a personal passion drives people to write for themselves. So what’s my drive? I haven’t figured it out either. Sometimes I think it’s because I need an outlet to express ideas and thoughts — a place where I can be criticized, but not judged. Majoring in Physiology and Developmental Biology leaves you creatively frustrated…heh.

    In any case, “The road goes ever on and on…and whither then? I cannot say.” No one ever knows where much in this life will take us.

    | Reply Posted 11 years, 11 months ago

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